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Performing An IIS Reset

How To

Useful command line utility from Microsoft for resetting all IIS web services on a web server. This should be used with caution, but can be used to reset a web server without having to do a full reboot of the server


iisreset [computername]

/RESTART Stop and then restart all Internet services.
/START Start all Internet services.
/STOP Stop all Internet services.
/REBOOT Reboot the computer.
/REBOOTONERROR Reboot the computer if an error occurs when starting,
stopping, or restarting Internet services.
/NOFORCE Do not forcefully terminate Internet services if
attempting to stop them gracefully fails.
/TIMEOUT:val Specify the timeout value ( in seconds ) to wait for
a successful stop of Internet services. On expiration
of this timeout the computer can be rebooted if
the /REBOOTONERROR parameter is specified.
The default value is 20s for restart, 60s for stop,
and 0s for reboot.
/STATUS Display the status of all Internet services.
/ENABLE Enable restarting of Internet Services
on the local system.
/DISABLE Disable restarting of Internet Services
on the local system.

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