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How To Create Hacker Proof Passwords For Your PC

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Passwords not to use

Don't use dictionary words and don't use obvious combinations of letters and numbers. That would mean things like going across your keyboard like "WERTY," or even something as bizarre sounding as "QAZWSX" is just going down the keyboard. If people typically use it as a password, it is something to avoid.

Always use a different password for your email. The most important password is the one you use on your email, don't use the same password that you use on websites. If a hacker manages to obtain a password you've used on a website, that's all they have - if they have the same password as your email though, they have control of everything.

Important passwords need to be as unique and complex as possible. You should never reuse a password - if it gets hacked, you've given away access to everything.

How hackers can guess your passwords

Not only do they have a database of dictionary terms, they also have a database of commonly used passwords in addition to information available on social networks. They can use these databases to try all passwords until one of them works - automated hacking tools make this process ridiculously simple.

How to create super-strong passwords

There are many ways to make a password strong. One is to take the first letter from each word from a sentence you have memorized. For example, "my house is by a lake and I have a boat" Your password could then be the first letters of each word: mhibalaIhab.

Another way could be to use a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols - very hard for a hacker to guess the right combination, even if they have an idea of the word you are using.

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