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To Delete A Record In Microsoft Access


A user will often want to delete a record from Microsoft Access, but unless they have been trained in using Access, they will likely not know how to do this.

How To

A developer may have provided you with a delete button, this is usually the most intuitive method for deleting a record - and also allows the developer to check that it's OK to go ahead with the delete, and display a friendly error message if not.

If there is no delete button though, you can usually delete a record yourself by using the record selector - this is the bar to the left of every record when shown in datasheet view (i.e. a list of records), and often in form view too (a single record). It may not be shown if the developer has hidden it for some reason - in which case, refer to them for further advice.

1) Highlight it by clicking the arrow to the left of the row

Highlight the record selector so you can delete a record, Microsoft Access

2) Press the Delete key, the following message will come up

delete confirmation dialog, Microsoft Access

3) Click Yes and the record will be deleted

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