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Our approach is to offer the best of what the cloud can bring to your business. Not all cloud services are appropriate for all businesses, but many are - in particular in the areas of cloud hosted email (hosted Exchange provided via Office 365) and cloud backup (a superb solution to supplement or replace existing tape or hard disk based backup systems).

For those businesses who need to work more online (particularly businesses with significant remote workers), or who's business is centred around the web or require strong integration with their customers and suppliers, we can offer some tremendously powerful solutions built around Microsoft Azure - with options ranging from hosting a single server or web based application in the cloud, right up to moving your entire infrastructure.

What is the cloud?

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Ian Thompson DipPFS, Cert CII (MP)
Thompson Riddle Associates Ltd

"The cloud" is one of those techy terms a lot of people use but can't easily define. So what is it exactly? When do you encounter it? And how can it benefit your business?

The first thing you should understand about the cloud is that it is not a single physical device, unlike the kind of computer desktop and server systems perhaps that you are used to. Instead, the cloud is a network of servers, and each server has a different function, depending on what kind of service you need.

What are the benefits of the cloud?

The business decision to "move to the cloud" is often cost motivated. Most companies used to have to buy their own hardware equipment, the value of which goes down over time. With the cloud though, now companies only have to pay for what they use.

Working on the cloud allows your company to be nimble, efficient and cost-effective. If your company quickly needs access to more resources, it can scale quickly in the cloud. Conversely, if it needs to downscale or reduce resources, it can do so just as easily. In this way, your business could save thousands of pounds over the years.

But what about security

The cloud is great for storing non-sensitive information, but what about personal or confidential information?

All of the major cloud providers are addressing these concerns with improved security, disaster recovery options and by ensuring that your data is stored geographically in the area you need it to be. For many businesses this now means that cloud stored data is more securely protected than it could be by the business itself - typically with higher levels of encryption, better user authentication and more frequent backups.

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