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Development Services

Whether you need a small database, or a business application scalable to global demand, we have the experience and ability to turn your vision into reality.

Business process automation

FREE Development

The first half day of all software development is completely FREE

Are you looking to automate processes and streamline your business? We can assist in development of all of the following:

  • Business process automation and workflow
  • Specialist business solutions - vertical market software
  • Order entry and stock management solutions
  • Financial planning solutions
  • Follow-up marketing and telemarketing systems
  • Newsletter systems
  • Customer and supplier portals

appDB Web Applications

Build a fully operational web application based on any custom database design you wish. Create custom solutions at significant reduction in cost compared to traditional development methods.

Generate a completed application in minutes - with enterprise class features including:

  • User management - linked into Active Directory or standalone
  • Set authorisation to read / add / edit / delete records in any table
  • Hide or show menu items based on authority
  • Load on demand features support millions of rows
  • In place grid-editing
  • Export all lists to Excel
  • Generate documents to PDF

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM

We have the experience to assist you in developing or changing a Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution for your business. CRM out of the box needs a lot of work to be suitable for the UK market. We have experience of:

  • Workflow design and development, including the development of custom processes and interfaces not part of standard workflow functionality
  • Automated interfacing of customers and transactions to and from external accounts systems
  • Automated emailing of pdf quotes, orders, invoices and contracts
  • Automated monthly / quarterly / yearly invoicing of contracts
  • Implementing VAT calculation routines
  • Generation of sales process reporting and other business intelligence not provided as standard

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